Afghanistan‘s Generation Z – a photo essay

Afghanistan’s Generation Z has grown up in a 17-year window overshadowed by war and a heavy international presence and now faces an uncertain future and the possibility of stark change

The start of 2019 has brought for Afghanistan a tantalising hope of peace, as the Taliban sat down for talks first with Americans in Qatar and with senior members of the Afghan elite in Moscow. Donald Trump has told Americans his administration had accelerated talks for a political settlement in Afghanistan and would be able to reduce US troops there as negotiations advance to end America’s longest war.

No one knows what form a new government may take or how much control the Taliban might have under any deal, but for young people who were babies when the Taliban were driven from power by a US-led campaign in 2001, the prospect of peace with the hardline Islamists brings a daunting mix of hope and fear.

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Source: theguardian
Afghanistan‘s Generation Z – a photo essay